How desperately am I waiting for them! Here in India, especially Delhi, its been so hot and humid in the past 2-3 months that a slightest view of clouds is a heaven sent message that It’s going to Rain! Its not just the city-dwellers who get ecstatic at the mere sight of Clouds but the farmers all across India desperately celebrate the sight of Clouds!





Love to be one! The feeling of being in a new place, meeting new people, enjoying their cuisine and basking in their culture, love it all. Being totally away from your comfort zone in a world where everything is new.. isn’t it just like being born again??

that’s me for today!!


Since this is my first post I would like to mention what you will not find in this blog…

  1. fiction writings
  2. copy of published books/articles/papers etc.
  3. current affairs or news of any kind

what you will find is some of my writings on my work.. my thoughts on generic societal processes. this blog is more for my personal growth than anything else.. it is not a diary, so nobody confuse it with one.. this is my platform to showcase my work and talent..